Sunday, August 19, 2012

PanWest Open House a resounding success

We wish to express thanks, first and foremost to God, the I Am presence whose activity we acknowledge in all things and everyone; to
  • the Best family, especially my wife Romaine, our mothers, my sons, my brother and his family, the whole Best clan.; 
  • Claude Gonzalez for landing the building for us and for the numberless conversations on pan.
  • Duvone Stewart for his special appearance and for lighting up the crowd.
  • fellow musicians and students at the different community centers.
  • everyone who turned up to celebrate the Grand Opening and those who intend to join us in activities
All of us who play a pan recognize that we enjoy a truly unique instrument and art form gifted to us through the struggles of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
We feel a sense of fraternity with all others who play the instrument, regardless of what level of proficiency.
 At PanWest, we feel pan is an instrument not just of music but also community. We truly believe that is the purpose of it's emergence. And if you take the time to track it's evolution you will see that everywhere a pan program exists you have the nucleus of a community.
  We also believe that music and the arts is where the answer to our societal woes lies. Because everyone is a creator whether in music or another art form. It's this belief that inspires our mission statement here in this venture:

PanWest is dedicated to enlightening people to their own musical potential. At PanWest we see everyone as a musician whether or not they have ever played a steel drum/pan. We recognize that in each of us is a creative spirit with a unique voice. We believe that for the sake of health that voice needs to be expressed. When that voice is a steel drum/pan, we provide products and support that help that voice come forth.
We are about more than teaching steel drum/pan music. We are about the healing power of music to meet human need for joy. That's why we encourage and support efforts of individuals and groups who work to bring steel drum/pan music to their community. It is our goal to use our mental, physical, and spiritual resources to enrich the lives of our students, teachers, and supporters through steel drum/pan music.
In this way we hope to enlighten you to your own wonderful musical potential and by doing so add harmony to this world.

We invite you to come join our musical community and enjoy a most unique art form that validates you as the creator you are. Bring your children and family members. Make it a family activity. We promise you will gain more benefits and improve the quality of life for you and your family better than any other activity we can think of.
We welcome you and assure you that whether you take our classes or not this will always be a haven for you when you need to enjoy the soothing sounds of pan to relieve the stresses of the day.
Once again, thanks to all of you.

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