Friday, June 08, 2012

Bellstars New Pete Engelhart creation

Configured by Harry Best
Designed and created by Pete Englehart

  • Fully Chromatic – C#
  • Wholetone inverted images on each side
  • Geometrical symmetry
  • Played with hands or rubber tipped mallets

Pete Engelhart

Pete Engelhart began crafting metal percussion instruments after spending time in Brazil in the 1950's. He combined his life long love of jazz, knowledge of Latin rhythms and sounds, and his ability as an artist to produce complicated resonant tuned bells.
Pete has now been handcrafting metal percussion for nearly 43 years. He has designed a large variety of highly creative instruments that are now used worldwide by many professional musicians.
This current line of 9 instruments has been designed to fill the basic needs of the working drummer / percussionist. It represents the essential toolkit for the modern drummer. The metal instruments are all hand made with care by Pete Engelhart. The bells are made of heavy gauge metal and are individually tuned.

Harry Best

Harry Best is a professional steelpan player and innovator and enjoys exploring the correspondences between music and geometry especially as it relates to the steelpan.
This configuration was inspired by the Ellie Manette standard pattern for the double second steelpans. The right side of the Bellstars is an exact image of the right side of the Manette double seconds. Harry simply created an inverted symmetry on the left side.