Thursday, January 22, 2009

Play in a Steel Drum Band...

Play in a Steel Drum one, fun, easy, 90-minute session!
·Sat., Feb. 28, 1:30-3:00 PM
·Steel Drums Provided
·$75 Adults; $60 (kids 10-17) (Advance payment is required to secure your reservation.)
·NO previous musical experience [or event talent!] is necessary! (Simply be prepared to arrive a rank beginner and, by the end of 90-minutes, be a BONA FIDE steel drummer in a steel drum band!)

Check out photos of previous “Steel Band Experience” classes at:

Location: 2260 Cecilia Avenue, San Francisco (Sunset area)
Space is limited so
Call now, (415) 731-3550, or email to reserve your space for your fun
“Steel Band Experience!”

Class instructor is Mary Spalding who, after receiving an M.A. in World Music from Wesleyan University, went on to study and perform steel pan (steel drum) in Trinidad--the birthplace of the steel pan--for various Panorama competitions and Carnival activities. Mary is also the founder and band leader of Steel Jam ( --a Caribbean steel drum band that, since 1994, has performed for countless corporate events, private parties and community festivals.