Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cardinal Calypso Goes Blue for Spring Show

Just wanted to notify you guys about our spring show if you want to/have time to come down and watch. It's May 11th from 7-8:30pm at Toyon Hall on campus: we'd be excited to have you and you guys. If there are other people in the area that you think would be interested feel free to invite them. Below is a blurb I made for people who have had us play for them this year so feel free to forward the info and the flyer to whomever.


We wanted to present you with an opportunity to come see us perform in our biggest show of the year from 7:00 to 8:30pm on Friday, May 11th! This year, the show is called Blue Pan Group (steeldrums are actually called steelPANS... and we like puns) and will feature most of our new repertoire from this year (including an original piece), Blue Man Group themed skits for comic relief, and random blue and non-blue antics. Also, if you're a fan of decorations, costumes, and random giveaways... you might enjoy the show. This is our chance to present all of our work - in a more informal way - to the Stanford community and all else who want to come and listen.

It will be held in Toyon Hall (in the dorm lounge), 455 Arguello Way, Stanford, CA 94305see map
There is limited parking in the back (at the end of Buckeye Ln) and on nearby streets (Serra and Escondido). Parking is also free on the the weekends (weekends start at 4pm on Friday). It will be free for anyone with a Stanford ID and only $5 for those without. RSVP is not necessary, but please notify us if you are planning on bringing a large group of people; Toyon has space for about 200 people and we want to make sure people can be comfortable.

Please forward the attached flyer below to people in your dorm, department, school, colleague groups, friend groups, and/or emailing lists that you think would be interested: it's a show for everyone so invite anyone you want! It should be known that if the show were a movie, it might be rated PG-13: only in terms of language - there may be a couple clips of limited curse words. 

Feel free to check out clips of our last spring show, Discalypso, on our site and/or Facebook page and/or Youtube channel. 
If you can't make it to the show, there are a plethora of campus events at which you may catch us playing one of our sets. You can be updated about them on our site as well (click on the gig to see details and check if it is open to the public): http//

Hope to see you there!
Akwasi Abrefah - Emma Sagan - Adam Genecov
Co-Presidents - Cardinal Calypso