Saturday, May 05, 2012

Spiceman Pan at the Vallejo Farmers' Market

Paul Snagg's setup at the Vallejo Farmers' Market on this beautiful day!

Wild Kingdom Pan sticks from

Pan paws

Red Love Ladybugs

Ants in your pans

Pan Gold at Richmond - Shimada Sister City Festival

Panman Phil Hawkins plays with Ray Obiedo at a concert last Saturday at the Richmond Auditorium for the  Festival of Gold: Richmond-Shimada Japan sister city celebration.

Asheba rings out a tune with the little Pan darlings

Asheba entertaining the kids at Whole Foods in Oakland April 22.

Glorious Day for Pan at the Farmers' Market

Sun cam out early today heralding a glorious day for pan playing around the Bay. Most appreciated at this Farmers' Market in El Cerrito where Harry Best was doing his thing.