Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Conscious Pannist - 1 (An Adaptation)


You and I are creatures of habit. We get into the habit of accepting as final the evidence of our senses. I want to be outstanding pan player and my senses tell me that I am not, and I through habit am about to accept this lack as final.

When I remember that my consciousness is the one and only reality, therefore if I deny the evidence of my senses and assume the consciousness of being an outstanding pan player, I have in a sense rebuked the consciousness which suggested lack; and by assuming the consciousness of being an outstanding player, we become that player in a way we do not know.

In this case I say to myself, “What have I to do with thee?” What have I to do with the evidence of my senses? I will proceed as though I am already the pan player I desire to be. In other words, I assume that I am all that I desire. Then my dimensionally greater Self inspires in all, the thoughts and the actions which aid the embodiment of my assumption.