Friday, May 06, 2011

Cardinal Calypso Breaking the mold

There's something about Stanford's Cardinal culture, young intellectuals giving the impression they don't take themselves too seriously, but with a standard of performance that reveals a strong dedication and commitment to excellence.
I dropped into Toyon Hall this evening to catch about four tunes of the CARDINAL CALYPSO SPRING SHOW, Discolypso, and left there really stimulated and impressed with the group's performance. I would have stayed longer but I couldn't figure out the parking situation. So I stole a few minutes in a 'service' designated spot and sneaked in to catch the show.
The approach was innovative if not creative, and with a colorful variety that captured the audience's attention. The pan program and repertoire here has really grown from the early days of 'Under the Sea". Looking forward to their future performances. These guys are breaking the mold.
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