Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Disappointing Pan in 'Panman'

Don’t quite know what to say about the film “The Panman, Rhythm of the Palms”. Caught a sneak preview on Lycos.com over the weekend, thanks to a tip from Pan-jumbie.com.
For one thing, Pan is only incidental to the main focus of the film; a man living through the psycho-sociological challenges of a Caribbean culture that seems dated in the 60s and 70s.

A noble effort by the producers, but the attempt to weave too many different strands from the complexity of that fabric of the Caribbean psyche might have sacrificed clarity and focus.
On another note, pan lovers would hope to at least hear some pan virtuosity in the music scores, even if the actor was pretending to play. But the music was weak and had no semblance to anything authentically pan.

It is evident that the creator of the story was vaguely familiar with pan culture. It might be a little hash in saying that the creators of this and another similar “Panman” movie released about 10 years ago seem to be merely ‘pimping pan’.

The story could have been much more relevant and contemporary if focused around the economic challenges that confronts a developing panman in today’s Caribbean.
Having said this, what is positive about the movie? Some indirect or, shall we say, subtle statements that point to the schizophrenia of the Caribbean psyche. Not a bad thing, just a ‘hello’ from the mirror.

The acting was passable. There was also a latent but positive glimpse of what Caribbean culture could, and will, contribute to the world given the evolution of certain economic and social issues.
If you want to support and encourage the fledgling Caribbean movie industry, then you should go see “Panman” at Yoshi’s June 15.

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