Friday, January 12, 2007

Taste of the Caribbean - Carnival in Solano County!!


Let's keep Caribbean music alive in Solano County. We are having a 'Taste of the Caribbean' evening on Feb 24th in Vacaville at Shepherd of the HIlls Lutheran Church as a fundraiser for Vanden 'PanPassion' Steel Drum band.

We have 2 steel drum bands so far that are playing. It will be a fun event of tasting Caribbean food from all over the Caribbean like Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and more. I would like a Latin band to play Puerto Rican, Cuban and reggae.

We are open to options like a DJ to play Caribbean music, have Caribbean or latin dance lessons or some Carnival costumes. This is the time frame for Carnival in the Islands so lets party. You can use this event to advertise your business at the sametime.

I can use any help iIcan get on this. We need to pay for cases, drums, stands and more and we want to expose the kids to all that the Caribbean has to offer maybe a trip to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.. who knows.. I am the parent for the High School band and have been coordinating events and performances for them for the last year or so.

We played at the Jazz festival with Ron Mesina as a wonderful surprise and we were a hit playing Evil Ways. We have been playing at local venues as requested but our drums are getting banged up a bit since we have no money for cases and our stands are not the best so crates etc. will have to do for now for our large bases.

Here are some links/pics of our group.. This is on under VandenSteel Drum

Leslie 707-446-7677

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