Saturday, December 31, 2005

Indie outlet for CD sales

This is an invitation from to all those seeking another retail outlet for CD sales. This is not a recommendation; just passing on the informatiuon:

Dear Recording Artist:

I would like the chance to listen to your CD and review it - I hear every CD and write every review for the site I founded in 1999, The only catch is membership to the site - which is not so big of a catch.

We're the most generous indie CD store on the planet, and you can get all the info and sign up at:I know there are a lot of places you can sell your CDs. But only earBuzz returns 100% of your CD price back to you, the artist.

You set your own price and get all of it. We’re even a better deal than your own site as we have no processing fees. Since July 4, 1999 (Independence Day for Indie Musicians), it’s the best deal for artists on the web. It's our commitment. - “no other site on the net comes close to”.

Electronic Musician - “provides the highest recoupment from CD sales (on the net).”

Musician’s Web Handbook -, “is a dream come true for independent musicians”.

Keyboard Magazine posts “the most generous music site on the net”.

AudioMelody says “you get a True homepage for your music, where you can sell your own CDs and keep 100%”. “ is great for independent artists”.

Lunchbox Recordings says “ is a wonderful online record store with articulate reviews and inviting design”.

Home to over 1,000 artists - sign up today – get more than any other site, cancel anytime.

List up to 3 CDs by the same artist – the first year's low annual membership of $45 includes all set up – you'll get unlimited CD sales, mp3 clips, earBuzz in-depth review, pics, bio, secured server, weekly payment, link to your site and more.

Don’t hesitate to write back with questions or call toll free, 888-earBuzz.

Thanks for checking us out.

Kind regards,


’’spread the Buzz - sends artists 100% of their CD price on all sales”

Don Kimenker, founder 707-746-7537 direct line “supporting indie artists 100%”

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